Flouride Interruption

EPCOR is upgrading the E.L. Smith Water Treatment Plant fluoridation system starting September 3, 2019. These upgrades are to improve capacity and continue to deliver quality water.

The City of St. Albert receives water from the E.L. Smith plant. This means that our fluoride will be temporarily interrupted. During this time, the water is perfectly safe to drink. There will be no change in taste or colour; the only difference will be the absence of fluoride, providing additional dental health benefits.

We anticipate the interruption to last approximately seven months, ending in March 2020.

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral that exists in freshwater, seawater and soil. Most drinking water contains some natural fluoride. It is known to prevent tooth decay and promote better dental health. Water fluoridation is the process used in many Canadian communities of adjusting the level of fluoride in the municipal water supply to an optimum level so the community can receive these health benefits.

For more information on the interruption, please visit epcor.com/fluorideinterruption

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Last edited: October 30, 2019