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Smart City efforts can enable the achievement of many of the community’s current and future priorities. To develop its unique Smart City Master Plan, the City of St. Albert relied on input from residents, businesses, and leading public and private sector organizations across Canada. There are also many opportunities for interested people to engage and learn more!


Smart City Engagement Opportunities

Comment on the Smart City Master Plan

The final round of community input on the Master Plan is now closed, but input is always welcome.

Share Your Stories

Do you currently utilize unique 'smart' technologies or data at home or work (e.g. analytics, automation, sensors, etc.)?  Or are you planning to use innovative approaches to improve your business or quality of life?  If so, we would love to hear your story! 

To share your story, or provide additional input to the Smart City Steering Committee, please contact us.

Learn about Smart Cities in Alberta

In addition to its local engagement, the City of St. Albert reaches out to organizations across Alberta, Canada, and the world to learn or share our own successes and insights.

One of the primary ways St. Albert engages others is through a dynamic organization committed to advancing Smart City innovations across Alberta.  Click for more information on St. Albert's membership in the Alberta Smart City Alliance.

Engage in Local Classes and Programs

The St. Albert Public Library offers a variety of excellent technology programs and other features.  These have included sessions on coding, maker sessions, social media, digital illustration, and more!

For more information or to register, visit the St. Albert Public Library.

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Last edited: November 9, 2019