Municipal Development Plan

Flourish: Growing to 100K

The City of St. Albert is embarking on an exciting new initiative that will shape how the city grows and develops to a population of 100,000.

As the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) directs where and how growth should happen, it must reflect the values and aspirations of our community. Your input will be essential.

Flourish: Growing to 100K will build on the foundation created by Cultivating our Future: St. Albert's Community Vision. More than 6,000 residents participated in this process from January 2014 to February 2015, sharing over 15,000 ideas that helped the Community Sustainability Committee create St. Albert’s Community Vision and Pillars of Sustainability. Flourish: Growing to 100K will apply the Vision, along with new ideas that emerge through the planning process, into the principles, goals and policies of the MDP.

Video: Flourish: Introducing St. Albert's new Municipal Development Plan (2:21)

Submit Your Photos

The City of St. Albert is encouraging residents and business owners to get involved in the new MDP by submitting their original photos of St. Albert. A variety of the photos submitted may be featured in the new MDP document, which will be finalized in 2020.

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Key Dates

January 31 - Photo Submission Deadline

Winter 2020 - Open House TBA

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Last edited: November 18, 2019