Environmental Advisory Committee

The Environmental Advisory Committee (Bylaw 35/2015) provides a vehicle for the flow of strategic advice and expert information between and among the public, City administration, and Council, with an ongoing focus on best practices and the development and implementation of the City's environmental policies, strategies, and initiatives.

Environmental Advisory Committee Members

  • Natalie Joly, Council representative
  • Jacquie Hansen, Alternate Council representative
  • Tanya Doran, citizen member
  • Tara Fulton, citizen member
  • Allisson Lefebvre, citizen member
  • Bill Marsh, citizen member
  • Brad Peori, citizen member
  • Ben Throndson, citizen member

EAC Agendas and Minutes


Please visit the Agendas, Minutes and Videos webpage to view recent agendas and minutes for this Committee




Archived Annual Reports

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Last edited: December 31, 2019