Real-time Transit Information at Your Fingertips

NextBus LogoFrom your computer or smartphone, find out exactly when your bus is coming to your bus stop using real-time, GPS feed information. It's very easy to use.

Click the NextBus button to the right and enter your route or bus stop information to view the arrival time of your next bus.

Additional Features

  • See where your bus is via Google Maps
  • Receive Automatic Alerts - Signing up for NextBus Automatic Alerts allows you to set up a profile to be notified when your bus is about to arrive

Photo of a cell phone with the Next Bus app opened to a street map showing a route

Photo of a cell phone with the Next Bus app open to the landing page

Get the NextBus App

Simply point the browser on your Smartphone to and the NextBus system will detect that you are using a phone and will direct you to the appropriate web page to download the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does NextBus actually determine the real-time the bus will arrive?

NextBus uses information regarding travel speed and location from GPS units installed on all the buses. It factors this information, along with travel time data that has been inputted into the programme, to determine when the bus will arrive at your stop. Fluctuations can occur depending on traffic signals or other sudden delays.

Can I get future schedules using NextBus?

Because NextBus provides real-time information, you will only be able to see schedules for approximately a 60-minute window. For other schedules, please consult the Ride Guide or Routes, Schedules and Maps page of our website.

Where do I find my bus stop number?

The bus stop numbers are the 4 digit numbers on the bottom of every bus stop sign in St. Albert and Edmonton

How can I use NextBus is if I don’t know my bus stop number?

You can enter your route number and the closest intersection to your stop. To find your route number, please check out the Weekday System Map.

How can I see where the bus is in relation to my stop?

Click on the Google Maps or Live Map on the right-hand side of the page. The bus will appear as an arrow.

Can I set it up so that I can be notified about my regular bus every day?

Yes. Sign up for Automatic Alerts and create a profile for myNextBus. Then you can choose a time and route, and NextBus will email you notifications at a preset time. For example, if you normally catch a bus at 4:30 pm and you know it takes 10 minutes to get to your bus stop, you can have NextBus alert when your bus is 15 minutes away and then head out to your stop.

I’m downtown and want to go back to St. Albert but NextBus is showing No Prediction.

Try changing the direction to “To Edmonton”. It seems like the opposite of what you want, but because our 201s and 202s return from downtown during the mid-day as a one-way trip, the program requires a starting point for them. The 201 starts to come back to St. Albert at MacEwan and the 202 at Canada Post. If your stop is before these on the route, you will need to use the “To Edmonton” direction.

Sometimes early in the morning, my stop only shows No Prediction or shows that a bus isn’t coming for 30 minutes when I know one should be coming sooner.

This occurs during the first few trips of the morning before Dispatch has had a chance to enter the bookout into NextBus. The NextBus program will determine a bus is moving and assign it to a route, but the program requires some time to figure out which route it is doing. If your stop is at the beginning of the route or the route is different from its regular set up, NextBus can’t figure it out in time, and you will get a No Prediction time. Please consult the Ride Guide or the Routes, Schedules and Maps page of our website for these situations.

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Last edited: November 21, 2019