Public Facilities and City Owned Buildings

The Facilities & Fleet department at Public Works is technically and financially responsible for the planning, organizing, and directing of the maintenance and project management for the City owned and leased buildings and playgrounds. These buildings include St. Albert Place, three Firehall stations, RCMP detachment, Public Works, Transit Garage and many others.  The systems include building structural and architectural components, electrical distribution, general lighting, plumbing, general heating, ventilation, air conditioning and their controls as well as fire alarm and security systems.

The primary responsibility is to ensure that all construction and maintenance activities are completed:

  • with community safety regarded as the number one priority,
  • in compliance with all legislative requirements,
  • in the most cost effective manner,
  • and by employing sound construction and maintenance  practices.

To help to adhere to these responsibilities this department is staffed with a number of key members:

  • Building Maintenance Team Lead
  • Maintenance Planner
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • HVAC Technician
  • Carpenter
  • Building Maintenance Workers
  • Building Operator

Services Provided

  • Bldg Safety System Repair/Maint/Replacement
  • Building Operations Inspections
  • Doors & Hardware Repairs
  • Eaves / Flashing Repair & Replacement
  • Electrical System Repair/Maint/Replacement
  • Exterior Finishing
  • Fence Repairs and Replacement
  • Flooring Repair & Replacement
  • Framing / Patching / Drywalling
  • HVAC System Repair/Maint/Replacement
  • Outdoor Arena Boards Repair & Replacement
  • Janitorial Services Management
  • Key/Access Control Management
  • Lighting Replacement & Upgrading
  • Locker Repairs
  • Miscellaneous Wood Working
  • Office Furniture Repairs
  • Painting / Wallpapering
  • Facility Pest Control
  • Plumbing System Repair/Maint./Replacement
  • Refurbishment Program Project Management
  • Roofing Repair & Replacement
  • Facility Security Services Management
  • Special Events Assistance
  • Window Repair & Replacement

Preventative Maintenance

The current preventative maintenance program for Civic Buildings, which are under the financial mandate of the Facilities & Fleet department, is comprehensive. All sites are inspected once a year and a summary report on the condition of the building is completed. Any items arising from the inspection are reviewed and the appropriate action for maintenance is planned. A few pieces of critical equipment have maintenance plans with task lists and are completed by the calendar method. This equipment includes emergency power systems, boilers, fire alarm systems, commercial kitchen equipment, closed system water treatment, air handling equipment, and elevators. A large majority of these are completed to comply with codes and regulations.

Public Works completes most minor repairs without the need for contractors. If the project requires specialized skills or is too large then a contractor will be used. Dependent upon the complexity and economic value of the project competitive bidding is used.

This work is completed on a priority basis. The priorities are typically set with the Facilities & Fleet branch based on the overall city need.

Long Term Planning

Asset Management in conjunction with the Infrastructure branch, provides long term planning and project management to ensure the longevity of the City's building infrastructure.

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Last edited: November 22, 2019