Dog Parks

Please help keep our dog parks healthy and clean by always picking up after your pet.

Your pup can play fetch, socialize with other dogs, explore in nature, and run to their heart's content in many parks and areas throughout St. Albert.

Dog Parks & Off-Leash Areas

The City of St. Albert has two dog-friendly, off-leash parks: Lacombe Lake Park and Dodger Dog Park (located in the Campbell Business Area), as well as several designated off-leash areas which include outdoor boarded rinks during the summer months.

These areas are designed so that dogs and their owners can meet, exercise, and socialize. See the maps below for locations.

  • Dog Parks are larger areas designated specifically for dogs and include signage, amenities and garbage cans.
  • Off-Leash Areas (including outdoor rinks) are available for dogs when not in use for organized sporting activities that have been scheduled and authorized by the City. Signage is installed at outdoor rinks, clearly marking the area as off-leash and stating any restrictions.

Using Dog Parks and Off-Leash Areas

  • Dog feces must be picked up immediately when not on an owners’ property.
  • Dogs must be licensed and remain under the owner's control (voice, sound or sight commands).
  • Dog-walkers must carry a leash at all times. Leashes must be used on or within one metre of trails in all areas, including off-leash.
  • Dogs must be on-leash if a regularly organized sporting activity is taking place within a designated off-leash area.
  • Dogs are not allowed in playground areas.

To learn more about responsible pet ownership, please refer to the Animal Bylaw.


Overview Map of Off-Leash Areas

St. Albert Dog Park Map

Detailed maps of each park with off-leash boundaries:

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Last edited: January 9, 2020