Groups at Risk of Exclusion

The sections below are meant to educate others on the people in our community and workforce who are at risk of exclusion. There is diversity within each one of these groups. These sections are not all-encompassing and may not include all people who are at risk of exclusion. How a group of people identify themselves will expand far beyond a snapshot. Also, each of us could identify with more than one group, and our individual personalities make each person unique.

Human Rights

Human rights in Alberta is a newspaper-style publication that provides plain language information about Alberta's human rights law and about the services offered by the Commission.

Human rights in Alberta view-only PDF. This tabloid newspaper-size version is not suitable for printing from a personal computer, but you can view it online. Please note that this is a large file (2 MB) and may take up to 2 minutes to download with a dial-up Internet connection. Human rights in Alberta audio version - You can listen to this version while you read along.

Protected Areas and Grounds Alberta Human Rights Act (Printable)

Human Rights Reads

Indigenous Peoples

Indigenous People (First Nations, Inuit, Métis)

Aboriginal Reads

Racialized People

Immigrants and Racialized People

Immigrant Experience Reads

People with Mental Health Problems

Mental Health and Mental Illness

Mental Health Reads

Understanding Disabilities

Understanding Disabilities

Persons with Disabilites Reads

Religious Beliefs

Religious Beliefs

Religion and Spirituality Reads

Sexual and Gender Minorities

Sexual and Gender Minorities Snapshot

Gender Reads



Ageism Bulletin

Aging Reads

Rights of Children & Youth

Low Income

Breaking Down the Barriers for Low Income Residents

Poverty Reads

Understanding Addictions

Understanding Addictions Bulletin

Understanding Addiction Reads

We acknowledge the Equity & Inclusion Lens Handbook (City of Ottawa and City for All Women Initiative CAWI).

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